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About Floor Depot

What Makes Floor Depot Different?

We want our customers to take their time and be 100% satisfied with their flooring purchase!

Many large flooring retailers resort to using high-pressure sales tactics to meet high sales goals. Our goal is satisfying the customer not making the sale.

At Floor Depot, our philosophy is simple. We are committed to providing the customer with all the best flooring materials available at the best prices. We retail and back the products and manufacturers warranties.

How is Floor Depot Less Expensive?

Simple. Contracting labor, covering insurance, paying schedulers, and placing ads for help can be expensive. You also need office space and staff to cover payroll and taxes for that kind of business.

Floor Depot sells flooring products and helps the customer get the flooring products installed, that's all.

Our staff is small, our overhead is low, and so are the prices.

How Does Floor Depot Help With Installation?

Floor Depot understands that not everyone wants to install his or her own flooring. Floor Depot provides a list of highly qualified installers for every aspect of flooring. These highly qualified installers are involved in our network of contractors. This means that we know them and they know us. Floor Depot will help the customer find an installer and schedule a measurement for the flooring.

Since the customer handles the arrangement of the installation, Floor Depot does not mark up the labor and the customer pays only the actual installation cost.

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